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"To you, Juliet," said Romeo. He raised the vial of poison to his lips. "Noo!" cried a voice from far away, but it was too late. Romeo was already sinking into the darkness...

     "Romeo. Romeo!" cried a familiar voice.
     "Wha...?" Romeo sat up and looked around. He saw the shards of the vial of poison, smashed, lying upon the ground. It's contents smoked eerily as they spread along the floor.
     "That's right," said Mercutio. "You never even drank any. You always were a drama queen."
     "Mercutio!'re dead! I saw Tybault murder you with his foul blade...How are you here now? This cannot be..." Romeo then realized that Juliet was kneeling beside him. "Oh, joy of all joys! If this isn't heaven I know not what heaven is." He embraced Juliet. "Mercutio, I implore you to explain this miracle to me, lest I believe it is but a dream."
     "The reason I am here is simple," replied Mercutio calmly. "I didn't die. Prince Escalus dragged me to the local doctor, who believed me to be dead. However, his apprentice knew otherwise. "
     "Why did I not hear of this?" asked Romeo angrily. "You could have saved me from some very strong, dark moods, old friend" he added quietly.
     "If you hadn't noticed, I never had a funeral," chuckled Mercutio. "But the reason was simply this. The local doctor's apprentice did not want to disrespect his master, so he treated me in a private ward. Nobody was alerted because the apprentice feared failure. I have just woken up this very night, and headed straight to Friar Laurence to hear his news. And I'm glad I did. Once I heard his story, I hastened here and made it just in time to knock the vial from your hand."
     "" asked Romeo weakly. Friar Laurence immediately launched into the story of all that took place since Romeo's banishment. Soon, a small crowd formed to hear the story of Romeo and Juliet. As the Friar finished, Romeo fell over backwards. Everyone gasped and thought he had fainted again, until they heard his merry laughter. Romeo sat up and thanked all of his clever friends for making this miracle come true.
     "I think this really is heaven; for I can see an angel." He hugged Juliet tightly. The prince rolled his eyes, and sang softly to the stars:

For never was a story more sappy,
Than Romeo and Juliet ending up happy.
This was an assignment for English class. You probably would understand this better if you read the actual play. :)

Creative writing: Rewrite the ending of Romeo and Juliet where it ends happy, and the poison is slapped out of Romeo's hand.

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Thank you! That was great! Much better than the horribly sad ending. If I want to see a sad ending I turn on the news or read the paper.


Your ending is going to be the true one to me. At least in my head

Thanks so much!

Pawkeet Nov 17, 2013  Student Photographer
I am very glad you enjoyed it haha! :D
Pawkeet Sep 11, 2011  Student Photographer
Thank you for taking the time to read ^^
no problem at all
Cooper5740 Jul 3, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahaha! that's amazing, excellent job! I hope you got an A on it :)
Pawkeet Jul 26, 2009  Student Photographer
I did!! xD Thank you
I love the story of Romeo and Juliet, and I certainly don't mind reading their happy endings! Makes me feel better. Thank you!
Pawkeet May 17, 2009  Student Photographer
Thanks! ;)
Ikari-Yume-Chan May 15, 2009
Yay Mercutio! It's nice that you brought him back. I love Mercutio, he's awesome. Nice rewrite by the way *thumbs-up* :thumbsup:
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